New marimba solo,
Summer Treehouse
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Summer Treehouse was inspired by the sounds of a treehouse being built next to the composer’s residence. The steady, rhythmic sound of the hammer reverberating through the woods is represented with the woodblock.
Birdsong Steel Orchestra - Panorama 2015 in Trinidad

Chad performed with the Birdsong Steel Orchestra on tenor pan this year at the 2015 Panorama steel band competition on 2/1/15 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The group was under the direction of legendary pan artist and arranger, Andy Narell, and performed his arrangement of Pan Magic by Nylon Manswell. Panorama is the premier music competition of Steelbands from Trinidad and Tobago, the birthplace of the steelpan. Since 1963 the event has been held annually around Carnival time.
Triptych Boom published by Tapspace Publications (11/14)
solo snare and percussion trio OR solo snare with CD

From Tapspace: Triptych Boom features a snare soloist backed by three multipercussionists. The snare drummer is presented with an ever-changing combination of sticks, brushes, and hands while exploring a number of creative techniques in which the drum is played. The accompaniment parts are equally intriguing, as the percussionists are called on to manage multiple instruments, sticks, mallets, and hand techniques. This accompanying trio creates a uniquely colorful backing for the soloist. There are several moments where interplay occurs between all players. The result is an original blend of subtle groove and color.

Chatterbox published by Tapspace Publications (7/14)
multiple hand drum solo

From Tapspace: Inspired by the "creative seating solution" used when performing on hand drums in tight spaces, Chatterbox is aptly named and does a lot with a little. Utilizing a cajon, a set of bongos, and a set of congas, this medium-advanced solo is packed with a ton of musical interest. Just as the listener settles in with one tasty groove, an accent here or a melodic phrase there spins it off in an entirely different direction. Effectively and delightfully, this solo walks the line between what audiences expect from a concert solo and what they expect from a hand drum performance.
Almeida Duo - Korea Tour 2014

The Almeida Duo (Saulo DeAlmeida, Dennis Santos, along with Chad Floyd, Bill Budai, and Wansoo Cho) returned to South Korea for another performance tour in June 2014. The 11-day tour included 20 performances at universities, churches, high schools, and city venues in and around Busan, South Korea. Performances included the famed Busan Cultural Center, Busan City Park, Sae-Woo-Ri Concert Hall, So-Min Arts Center, Shin-Se-Gae Concert Hall, Busan Medical City, Christian Business Men's Committee, Space-UM Gallery, Busan Foreign Language High School, Sam-Sung Girls' High School, Ever Green Seniors' School, Dong-Eun Presbyterian Church, Suk-Po Presbyterian Church, Ae-Kwang Presbyterian Church, Dong-Nae Central Presbyterian Church.

Tombolo published by Row-Loff Productions (10/13)
percussion quartet for toms

Tombolo is a three-minute tom quartet that engages the audience from beginning to end. A bit of a novelty piece, Tombolo contains cross-over sticking, drum to drum playing, and subtle humor. The piece was originally written for and premiered by the Campbellsville University Chamber Percussion Group in the fall of 2012. The intent of the composition was to produce a work that could "travel easily", or something that would involve minimal equipment allowing it to easily be included on performance tours.

Six hymns published by Bachovich Music Pub. (9/13)
arrangements for solo tenor pan

Now available from Bachovich Music Publications are six hymn arrangements for solo tenor pan: Amazing Grace, Angels We Have Heard On High, Be Thou My Vision, The First Noel, Were You There, and What Child is This. All arrangements are between 2:30 and 4:00 in length, making them perfect for service playing at churches and/or community events. The use of four-mallet playing is required in Angels We Have Heard on High, Be Thou My Vision, and Were You There. Nylon brushes are also required on Angels We Have Heard on High. All six pieces may be purchased at once from Bachovich at a reduced package rate!

Hands Down published by Innovative Percussion (11/12)
multiple hand drum solo

Hands Down was originally written for the 2010 Kentucky Collegiate MENC Fall Conference as a demonstration of basic hand drumming technique. Instrumentation includes bongos, congas and djembe.

From Steve Weiss Music: Hands Down is a groove-based solo that blends two styles of perc: the multi-perc solo and latin hand drumming. In a typical multi-perc piece it's common to see congas, bongos, or a djembe, but they're played with sticks or mallets - not the case here (mostly). This piece focuses on limb independence and intricate rhythmic work, while also working on hand drum techniques - slaps, open tones, etc... Difficulty - Med. Advanced

Almeida Duo - Asian Tour 2012

The Almeida Duo (Saulo DeAlmeida, Dennis Santos, with Chad Floyd) toured Japan and South Korea in the summer of 2012. Concerts were performed at Korean Baptist Theological University, DongEui University, Busan Girls High School, John Tokyo Church, Busan Port Logistics High School, Busan Cinema Center, and several more.

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