long way home . . . .

long way home . . . . (2016)
Solo Marimba (4.3 oct)
Duration: 6:00
Publisher: Chad Floyd (2017)
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long way home . . . . was inspired by my children and their relentless desire to go the "long way home" on certain days when I pick them up from school. To them, the short way home is uneventful. I guess it's because the short way leads straight to our subdivision without any dramatic curves, hills, or trees. In contrast, the long way home twists and turns, has several small hills, and follows a creek in the woods. The peaks and valleys are evident in the dynamic contours of this piece. To me, the strong consonance and simplicity of the melodic line at the beginning and end represent the simple things in life, and how those things sometimes bring the most joy as a parent. long way home . . . . was premiered by Dr. Colin Hill in 2017 at Tennessee Tech University.

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